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Mini Opportunity, Major Operation.

Whether you have zero upfront investment or millions to diversify, MiniOps has an opportunity that’s right for you.

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In a post-covid digital age, we believe that the ability to earn monthly residual income from the comfort of your own home should be available to all, not just the top 1%.

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Some of the opportunities we offer

Throughout the past 15 years our founder has built a reputation in the affiliate marketing industry which has led to thousands of networking opportunities in almost any vertical you can imagine. From Amazon drop shipping, content branding, and ownership in several major fulfillment/manufacturing centers, to real estate, venture capital, lending, and credit repair (just to name a few), there are not many verticals left where MiniOps hasn’t become a leading expert in. No matter your goal, we will work tirelessly to connect you to the perfect match for your entrepreneurial endeavors.

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Keep your finances under YOUR control

It is never too late to start growing your personal finances. Now is the time to take control.

Invest in yourself, monetize assets you never knew you had.

Have you ever wondered how the top 1% leverage the world around them to continually earn more, while the rest of us are stuck in a 9-5 rat race? Allow MiniOps to leverage our contacts and our relationships to help you slow down and enjoy the life you’re building. Sounds too good to be true huh? Let us at least explain.

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We will let our stats do the talking, proven professional development for more than 15,000 members.

Many organizations use the term “financial freedom” as a ploy to make money from you by making promises of instant, unrealistic success. MiniOps takes things one step at a time and defines “financial freedom” by simply exploring the options you have outside of your day-to-day job to earn more.

MiniOps impressed me by their simple yet effective methods, and by introducing me to assets I never knew I always had. I never spent a dime and I have made more than $5,000 this year alone!

Jessica Cole
CMO AiCore

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It is never too late to start managing your personal finances. Now is the time to take control.

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